MakerLabs (Past interventions)

We would like to document here each MakerLab that happens around the world so that we can share the knowledge we create.
In each page covering a previous MakerLab we will include:

  • Background of the MakerLab and the aims
  • Who was made it
  • How it was implemented
  • Relevant documentation
  • Reflection

This are some of the MakerLabs already done and documented:

  1. MakerLab DMY 2010 (Berlin): It was the first MakerLab, we prototyped what could be about.

  2. MakerLab Milan 2011: Experimenting with nomadic workshop space
  3. MakerLab Fusion 2011 (Lärz): Making Music and Visuals
  4. MakerLab Milan 2012: Engaging with locals

If you like to make your own MakerLab, feel free to copy and iterate our processes. If you done a MakerLab and want to share it, you can send us the info and we will publish it.

Other past interventions are MakerLab Creative Commons summit (organized by Sharism in Warsaw), MakerLab GoodGoods (Organized by Bausteln in Hamburg), MakerLab Cebit 2012 (Organized in cooperation with Betahaus in Hannover).

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